A Time To Delight In What We have

by Mark Hinds

The stoep at the Karroo Hotel is the most wonderful kuierplek  Steytlerville has to offer. With beautiful views and in tranquil surroundings, one can sit back and absorb the wonders of nature. Silence pervades, broken only by the chirping of swallows, a gentle breeze rushing through the trees, crickets and bees and water gushing from the lion’s mouth into the swimming pool. Beneath the vast expanse of the star-filled heaven above, amidst the silence and the symphony of creation, you can find the perfect moment where you are one with God.


It’s been an extremely dry season, farmers were battling, sheep were dying and all creatures from insect to beast were struggling to survive. Clouds built up in the skies only to be swept away again by forceful winds. Now and then a drop or two would fall, only for the fierce sun to shine through again and intensify the scourge of drought. This had happened just a couple of days ago. A number of guests were congregated on the stoep in a vain attempt to escape the merciless heat. Dark clouds gathered, a downpour ensued and within three minutes the skies had cleared. We all emphatically verbalised our despondency, however one of the farmers present remained unperturbed. He concluded with this thought: “Everything has its time and everything happens in God's time. He knows when the time is right, albeit beyond our comprehension."


This episode caused me to ponder. We are obsessed by need. We impatiently insist on life providing for us and ever bettering our means. How often do we ever stop and in gratitude to accept that things are as they are meant to be? Each moment of life is a gift of value beyond our understanding, each moment allows us to make accessible whatever we desire, depending on the attitude with which we respond and react to situations. Wealth can be achieved by merely accepting and appreciating our immediate circumstances. Wisdom is learning from each and every person and circumstance. Strength is the determination to never give up whilst honour is always being grateful, seeing only the good, and offering continual praise. Faith is believing that our Creator only wants the best for us. Within us lies an abundance of opportunity and in order to really achieve, we have to invest in life with faith, love and passion, always striving onward with creative energy.


Faith was rewarded, the farmers thought indeed became true. The rain did come and fell continuously through the night and the following morning, at times pouring down and then ebbing off to a gentle drizzle. How marvellous it was, sitting on the stoep and being an audience to the music of the raindrops beating down on the tin roof, living a precious moment, knowing all is well.


Everything is as it is meant to be.

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